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In episode of the podcast Tem Tarriktar joins me to talk about The Mountain Astrologer magazine, which is one of the leading astrological publications in the world today. Tem started TMA in , and during the. Astrology Blogs Best List. Find blogs on Indian Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Astrology Prediction, daily horoscope, free horoscope, love horoscope and much more.

Climbing the Mountain Backwards--Cap New Moon for 2016

Astrologer and Tarot card reader. Gaming geek. Horrorfantasy addict. Sparkle lover. Frequency about 9 posts per week. Latest Blog Posts. The Fall of the House of Saud. Globalization can only go so far before everything goes to shit. But over the years he has touched the lives of many thousands of people, myself included. He has offered countless human beings real hope and practical guidance in times of genuine personal darkness.

No one could fully catalog his good works since most of them happened in total privacy — someone, perhaps someone on the edge of despair or worse, sat reading an article in TMA, and perhaps gaining life-saving perspective and some faith that there might just possibly be a future worth living.

We can only surmise about these very private mysteries. But we know they are there. How could it be otherwise, given the quality of the magazine, its healing content, its many readers, and three decades of publication? Astrologically, Tem was Mr. Leo — a solar Leo with Leo rising and a Leo Moon.

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His Sun was just a degree and a half above the Ascendant, his Moon conjunct Pluto in the first house, along with a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo in the first. He made no secret of his chart, so I feel free to speak of it here. In deeper evolutionary terms, there is implicit in Leo a need to recover from an ancient trauma of rejection, or worse. His personal healing path lay in expressing his soul honestly and in a spirit of vulnerability — and in hearing some applause for it this time around.

I honor him for that. He could have been an executive in any industry and hidden his soul safely inside a suit. Always, once you get used to the evolutionary perspective, you see the same, reliable pattern: the karmic past leaves a fingerprint on the present life.

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In a prior life, Tem was known publicly 10th house for what he had to say Gemini. Mercury rules that south node from its strong position in Virgo and the 1st house, conjunct Jupiter. That means that in the karmic past, his voice was impactful. He was a leader.

He experienced some degree of success, applause and fame. But Saturn in Scorpio and the 4th house opposes that south node and squares that Mercury. The betrayal may have even come from his own family 4th house. Mercury ruler of the south node squaring the south node implies that he did not see any of this coming.

He was powerful and successful, and then suddenly cut off and silenced. He thus entered this world in as a powerful, eloquent voice that had been shocked and traumatized into silence.

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Tem took birth to heal that wound. His north node lies in Sagittarius in the 4th house. Thus it is ruled by his Jupiter — which, interestingly, is conjunct his south node ruler, Mercury. A big part of the answer lies in the 4th house — family. Remember: in the prior life, he was probably betrayed by his own family. That hurts! He could not heal this wound alone. blogposts: Mountain Astrologer Features Hellenistic Astrology

We will never know about it, nor should we. And out of that deep well of healing emerged an ancient, powerful voice, made stronger by what it had endured, rising from its own ashes, and touching the souls of three generations of astrologers. Listen to the podcast version of this newsletter. Close menu.

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Log in Create account. Blog Menu. Two hundred monthly issues later, it is still going strong. Ditto in this present life, obviously enough.

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That is how it often works. Sound familiar? Thank you for all that, Tem — and godspeed. I felt it was rich enough territory for a new