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On the other hand, evolutionary astrology is creative in that it is concerned with helping people make choices and "create" their own lives to fulfill their inner spiritual needs.

Karmic relationships

As human beings confronting key issues in our lives, lovers, friends and problematic people will gravitate toward us whenever the experience they represent is needed. The reason that person is attracted, is in order for both of us to work out key issues in our spiritual lives.

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This karmic aspect of the relationship will take place whether we, the key players, are conscious of it, or not! Sometimes issues are resolved and healed and sometimes they perpetuate old patterns of hurt and distrust.

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The term "karma" refers to the fact that any new cycle of existence is always related to a previous cycle. The new cycle inherits some old unfinished business that needs to be dealt with but also inherits some achievements.

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  5. In the West we often use the term "bad karma" almost exclusively, but it is important to remember that "good karma" exists in our lives too! In evolutionary astrology, we believe that we have "soul contracts," or issues to work out with the most important people in our lives primarily our parents, siblings, lovers and children. Similarly, we have lesser contracts to work out with friends, acquaintances and people we encounter in our day to day experiences.

    Linda and Michael's Blog. Utilizing your chart and your night-time dreams, Linda will answer your life questions from a unique, karmic perspective. She is the master of this work! Whether you desire improvement for your daily life, or are feeling inspired to become a holistic leader Linda's unique coaching is very intelligent and comes from the heart. Level One Step 1: a one-on-one four day retreat with Linda Brady in Tampa to build the foundation of this amazing and practical science that can make a real difference in your life and those with whom you share it.

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    New Releases. Description If you have a nagging feeling that somehow your life has gotten off track, Discovering Your Soul Mission can help you create the most fulfilling life possible. Karmic astrologer and holistic teacher Linda Brady, along with coauthor Michael Brady, shows how the desires of our personalities--what we think we want--clash with the needs of our souls--what will make us truly happy.

    In order to pinpoint your soul mission, Brady uses the technique of karmic astrology, which--unlike the more familiar sun-sign astrology--delves into areas known previously only to the cognoscenti.