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The Astrology & Numerology of your Birthday

Studies also show that they are less likely to suffer from heart problems or lung cancer. According to research in the U. Though genes definitely play a factor, the high levels of Vitamin D during a pregnancy lasting through fall is said to attribute to their predisposed strong physique.

A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine c ited autumn-born individuals, especially those born in October and November, as faster and more physically fit. Just look at that baby go! Those born in November have two birthstones: the golden-yellow citrine, known as the gem of optimism, and the color-ranging crystal topaz often seen in blue shades. They're both said to have healing and calming energies. Those born from the beginning of the month through November 21 are classified as the passionate Scorpio.

November 5 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

Everyone else born November 22 to the end of the month are Sagittarius, and they're generous souls with a sense of humor. Both zodiac signs share a strength in character. Chrysanthemums are said to symbolize joy and optimism. They're highly praised in Japanese culture , and it's believed that placing a single petal on the bottom of your wine glass will grant you a long, healthy life.

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Birthday Horoscope November 5th

Boys born in this month are more likely to be a lefty. They have a lower risk of some health conditions. They are less likely to suffer from depression. Ready to romance? Jupiter enters your partnership sector, inspiring an opposites-attract-style chemistry all year long—as well as exciting opportunities for new love, a deepening of current bonds, or healthy endings. Come through, Cancer! The North Node shifts to your sign on Tuesday, asking your beautiful values to lead the rest of the zodiac.

November 5 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Honor and express what you can do, and hold space for the zodiac to catch up. Finally, a year of personal responsibility sets you up carefully for success in the 12 months ahead! The best queens lead from the heart, Leo. The heart-center theme continues when Jupiter enters your courage, creativity, and confidence sector on Thursday, helping you share the story of your soul through innovative projects, happiness, and even romance all year long. Go have fun, Virgo! The universe knows you earned it when the North Node shifts into your friendship and social-support sector, inspiring fun with your besties for the next two years.

Renovating, moving, or embarking on real-estate ventures also will prove successful for you! Career takeoff begins on Tuesday, Libra! The transiting North Node activates your professional aspirations and ambitions for two years. Push aside your fears, and don't be afraid to pursue your dreams. Jupiter sets fire to your communication sector this Thursday, reminding you of the value of being direct. Happy birthday, Scorpio! The North Node puts your desire to tell stories, travel, and learn at the top of your birthday wishes. Jupiter enters your income sector on Thursday, giving you the financial means to make your dreams come true all year long.

Approach your relationship to money with optimism, intelligence, and generosity, and watch the universe work its magic. Birthday bliss comes early when Jupiter enters Sagittarius on Thursday! The next year stands to be one of the greatest of your life if you keep your hands on the wheel of confidence and courage—have faith that your dreams can and will come true.

The divine is in the details, Aquarius!

The North Node points the way to help you become more comfortable with receiving love and happiness.