Sextile astrology january 18

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Daily Horoscope: January 19, 2016 - Mercury Sextile Chiron - Sidereal Astrology

Here's the most important astrological forecast of the month. A typical horoscope lays out what you can expect for yourself in the next week or month based on your Sun Sign.

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That sort of thing is great, sure… especially if you happen to be the only person on your planet. Astrology, like life in general, Many of you have had the experience of sharing living space with a Gemini. They are generally likeable creatures, but as with any human partnership there can be difficulties getting the practical results you will sometimes need.

Here is a It's the weekend, and you know what that means Here are twelve short videos illustrating how your temper works, for better or worse, by The last degree of a sign is called an anorectic degree.

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It reflects the final opportunity for the planet to understand the sign it is currently in. Now, the inner planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars transit 29 degree the anorectic degree of a sign rather frequently. However, an aspect occurring at this degree is rather rare.

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On January 18, , Mercury will conjoin the sign in the sign of Capricorn. As I have written for the last month, the sign of Capricorn reflects the governing structures that allow our lives to run smoothly and our ability to accomplish things in the world. For example, we all need a job or career in order for us to purchase goods and services for others, we all have to follow laws, and we all have to nourish our bodies with food, water, and exercise in order for the body to survive.

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Many of the aforementioned living requirements are ruled by other signs, but the organizational requirements belong to Capricorn. One of the benefits of a Sun- Mercury conjunction is that we begin to see things in a very clear way.

Communication is increased and our ability to understand what life has thrown at us is amplified. This is a great time to really get things together and plan some structure in your life. Further, if you need to make an impression on someone career oriented in order to move you to the next level, now would be the time to do so!

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The anorectic degree is our last chance to listen to the stars in order to get the structure and discipline for our lives. Those that do the work will reap the rewards, and those that do not will have difficulties as we move into the spring.