November 16 birthday astrology libra

This means that your relationship with them would not stand the test of time. If you are looking for people with focus, you need not look further than the November 16 zodiac people. You have the ability to remain focused on your goal, no matter what. Once you have set you on an objective, you never relent until you bag it.

As such, people tend to trust you with the more important aspects of any given project. The society appreciates people with a caring attitude as yours. You are involved in many works of charity within your community. For this reason, you have become the darling of many in society. Your level of emotional intelligence is very high. You are able to interact with a wide range of people and influence them positively. You understand what motivates them. As such, you are able to sell them your ideas with ease.

Although you are quite mysterious, you are open where fairness is required. All the same, you have a few things you need to iron out in your life. These flaws are responsible for the hiccups you sometimes experience in life. You are steeped in some conservative beliefs that could soon make most of your opinions redundant. Also, you tend to be petty in relationships. You need to review how you handle issues in your family and workplace. There are many people around the world, with whom you share a birthday.

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Sabian Symbol

November 16 zodiac people belong to the 3rd decan of Scorpio. They are in the same category as those born between 13th November and 21st November. The Moon reigns supreme in this decan. As such, you display most of the stronger qualities of Scorpio. For example, you are sensual, romantic, secretive, and determined. People define you by your high level of intelligence. You seem to know naturally when to apply a pragmatic approach to problem-solving. Also, you have the knack for picking the right partners and situations. Your birthday signifies spirituality, inquisitiveness, intuition, and thoughtfulness.

Utilize them wisely!

Birthday Horoscope November 16th Scorpio, Persanal Horoscope for Birthdate November

You are very meticulous in any activity that you are handling. You never shack your responsibility, no matter the circumstances. Also, you are keen to ensure that all the details add up. All these points to one thing: you have very high standards. You are driven by the need to ensure that everything falls in place. As such, you can make an excellent accountant. Black is your magic color. Black is the color of power. It stands for integrity, seriousness, sophistication, and solemnity.

Last Updated on November 16th, November 16 Zodiac Sign If your birthday falls on 16th November, people enjoy keeping your company. Love and Compatibility for November 16 Zodiac November 16 zodiac lovers have a mysterious side to their nature. A word of caution! What are the Traits of a Person Born on November 16? Famous People who Share the November 16 Birthday There are many people around the world, with whom you share a birthday. Your Career Horoscope You are very meticulous in any activity that you are handling.

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January 16 Zodiac. This is a sensual and passionate pairing where you can give each other the magic you have been longing for. Forgiveness is tough but it is also a powerful luck magnet. People born on November 16 Zodiac have a naturally authoritative manner and, because they are also intelligent, perceptive and display a remarkable strength of purpose, their command is rarely questioned.

In addition, they usually have the best interests of everyone at heart. As a result, people learn to listen to what they have to say and more often than not follow their advice or instructions. Fiercely individualistic and independent, these people may have challenged the status quo as children or teenagers.

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As they grow older, however, they often reach the conclusion that they can be more effective agents for change if they work within the system to try and change it for the better, rather than being a lone voice on the outside. They are particularly well suited to leadership roles where they can exert a powerful or informative influence over others.

Those around them generally respect their conviction and genuine desire to promote the common good, as well as the tact they display when enlisting support for their aims. There will be times, however, when their urge to enlighten and inspire others is so strong that their behavior becomes controlling, manipulative or intolerant, and they stubbornly refuse to acknowledge any other way forward but their way. Until the age of thirty-five they are likely to want to expand their horizons though study or travel. After the age of thirty-six they reach a turning point where they start to take a more practical, ordered and realistic approach to life.

Despite being incredibly generous and supportive themselves, people born on this day can have big problems accepting the help, support or even love of others. It is crucial for their emotional well-being that they learn to trust more and open their heart, because the loyalty and support of a loving partner are of vital importance to them.


Sometimes a sense of true happiness and fulfillment will be delayed until that partner takes center stage. People born on this day often feel attuned to the sea or ocean, and spending time by the coast can help relax and calm them. Swimming is a fantastic way for them to exercise. If they have a sedentary lifestyle they are strongly advised to get up and move more, because exercise has wonderful moodboosting powers, not to mention the fact that it will also speed up their metabolism and help them lose weight if they have weight to lose.